2023 Asian Games: Parul’s journey from running on village trails to Olympics, silver in Asian Games is now Paris Olympics target

2023 Asian Games: Meerut’s international athlete Parul Chaudhary has created a new history by winning silver medal in 3000 meter steeplechase in the ongoing Asian Games in Hangzhou, China. This silver at the Asiad is a step towards Parul’s mission towards a Paris Olympic medal. Due to Parul’s consistent performance, the Government of India has included her in the top list.

Parul Chaudhary, who made Paris Olympics her target after winning a medal in the Asiad, started running through the village roads, her journey is getting longer. For the first time, Parul was surrounded by the thrill of speed while growing up in the only village high school in Bharala, Meerut.

Parul had felt a thrill, but the glow of the medal began to illuminate her eyes. After this she started running daily in the village. He said that we reached Kailash Prakash Sports Stadium to increase the pace. Taking off with the encouragement of her father Krishna Pal Dhankhar and inspiration of her mother Rajesh Devi, Parul has traveled from Meerut district to Bangkok, Hungary, China.

Parul Chaudhary, who shared the stage with Indian athlete Preity Lamba at the Asiad, was inspired by her elder sister Preity. She was also a 5,000 meter runner and had won medals in competitions up to the national level. Parul used to come to the stadium to practice with her elder sister. Parul never stopped his hard work.

During the Corona lockdown, Parul tried hard to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics but missed out. He was successful this year.

According to Gaurav Tyagi, who was Parul’s coach in Meerut, during her initial training, Parul used to run while competing with boys, which is now benefiting her. However, Parul still does not know her true potential. She can do better than this.

Parul in 3,000m steeplechase

  • 2023: World Athletic Championships, Budapest, Hungary: 9:15:31 minutes
  • 2023: World Athletic Championships, Budapest, Hungary: 9:24:29 minutes
  • 2023: Los Angeles Grand Prix, America: 9:29:51 minutes
  • 2023: Indian Championship, Kalinga, Bhubaneswar: 9:34:23 minutes
  • 2022: Indian Grand Prix, Thiruvananthapuram: 9:38:29 minutes
  • 2022: World Athletic Championships, Oregon, USA: 9:38:09 minutes
  • 2023: Asian Athletic Championships, Bangkok: 9:38:76 minutes
  • 2023: Track Night, New York, USA: 9:41:88 minutes
  • 2022: Indian Grand Prix, Bhubaneswar: 9:42:24 minutes

According to coach Gaurav Tyagi, Parul will end up with a medal in the 5,000 meters race on Tuesday. Parul also kept her promise of winning a medal in 3,000 meters.