2023 Asian Games: Vithya Ramraj equals PT Usha’s national record in 400m hurdles

2023 Asian Games: India’s Tejaswin Shankar produced a season’s best performance in shot put to finish fifth in the men’s decathlon event at the Asian Games on Monday. Shankar, who won a bronze medal in high jump at the Commonwealth Games last year, clocked a shot put of 13.82. With a throw of 39 metres, he finished 11th in the 100 meters race. Finished fourth with 12 meters and seventh in long jump. Stay on top with 37 meters. He now has a total of 2428 points, 903 in long jump, 834 in 100 meter run and 691 in shot put. Now he will participate in high jump and 400 meter race.

India’s Vithya Ramraj equaled PT Usha’s national record in 400m hurdles. It took her 42 seconds to reach the final. Usha had made this record in 1984. Ravi Sinchal Kaveram T58. She finished fifth in her heat with a time of 62 seconds and did not advance to the final.

Santosh Kumar T and Yashas Palaksha won gold medals in the men’s 400m hurdles event. 28 and 49. In men’s high jump, Sandesh JC and Sarvesh Anil Kushare took a timing of 61 seconds to reach the final. He qualified for the final by jumping 10 meters.

Sandesh finished sixth in Pool A and Sarvesh finished fourth in Pool B. Mohammad Afzal P 1:46 in men’s 800m heats. Krishnan Kumar topped his heat with a timing of 79 seconds. By finishing second in their heat with a time of 45 seconds, the duo made the finals.