v2023 World cup: Netherlands’ Scott Edwards wins South Cup title

ICC world cup 2023: Scott Edwards Netherlands has changed the map of the entire tournament by defeating South Africa in the ODI World Cup. Earlier, when Afghanistan defeated England, it was called an upset, but this win is even bigger than that. Afghanistan has been playing cricket for a long time. He has also participated in the World Cup. Not only this, many players from Afghanistan keep playing not only in IPL but in leagues around the world, so they have immense experience. But the Netherlands don’t have as much experience and the players don’t play all over the world. But the charisma done by Scott Edwards’ team is now in front of the world. Meanwhile, Netherlands captain Scott Edwards has equaled MS Dhoni by winning one match.

MS Dhoni won the Player of the Match award in the 2011 World Cup final

Remember the 2011 World Cup. The ICC World Cup final that year between India and Sri Lanka Was played between. India won the match by 6 wickets, their first win in the tournament since 1983. Although all the players in this match contributed to the victory, the Player of the Match award was given to MS Dhoni. MS Dhoni scored 91 runs on 79 balls. He also took one wicket and one wicket. After this, now a wicketkeeper-captain has received the Player of the Match award in the World Cup.

Scott Edwards plays a shot

When Scott Edwards came to bat in this match, clouds of trouble were looming over the team. Early wickets had fallen early and the team was under pressure, from here captain Scott Edwards not only recovered the team but also took the team to a respectable score. He scored 78 runs on 69 balls. He hit 10 fours and two sixes in his innings. His strike rate was more than 113. They never came out. Thanks to his solid innings, Netherlands could score 245 runs for 8 wickets in 43 overs.

Netherlands team entered the field with complete homework and strategy

After that, when it came to bowling, he showed excellent strategy there also. During the match, it was clear that the Netherlands captain and the team had planned a specific strategy for each of the South African batsmen and the team was largely successful in it. In front of a small score, the entire South African team could not only score 207 runs but the entire team was also out. Captain Scott Edwards was awarded the Player of the Match award. He is M.S. Became the first wicketkeeper-batsman after Dhoni to win the ODI World Cup.