A scene of explosive batting was witnessed at the Arun Jaitley Stadium in Delhi on Saturday. The 43rd match of IPL 2024 saw a rain of runs between Delhi Capitals and Mumbai Indians. Opening for Delhi Capitals, Jake Fraser-McGurk wreaked havoc. After this, Tristan Stubbs, who came at number five, took the class of the bowlers vigorously. Stubbs displayed explosive batting and scored 26 runs in just one over. Stubbs scored these runs in the 18th over. The special thing is that most of these runs came behind the wicket.

Luke Wood was brutally dismembered

Stubbs defeated Mumbai Indians bowler Luke Wood. Wood tried a wide yorker on the first ball. On which Stubbs played a brilliant scoop and hit a four at short fine. Stubbs tried the same trick again on the second ball.

He once again moved forward from the off-stump and hit a brilliant four over short fine. After this came the turn of the third ball. Stubbs tried a creative shot this time and opened the mouth of the bat and sent it through the reverse ramp to the third man boundary. There was joy in the Delhi camp with these sixes.

Wood hit fours one after the other
Wood tried to bowl a yorker at fourth, but Stubbs took full advantage of it and hit a reverse scoop at short third. Following this, a quick four on the fifth ball towards deep midwicket and long on, Stubbs showed that he was in no mood to stop today.

Wood tried to maneuver the last ball, but Stubbs lofted it to the deep midwicket fence. Stubbs finished the over with these four. A total of 26 runs came from this over of Luke Wood. Which included 5 fours and one six.