Royal Challengers Bangalore batsman Will Jacques created such havoc in the stadium in Ahmedabad that Gujarat bowlers were stunned. In the 45th match of IPL played on Sunday, Jacques performed brilliantly and hit 5 fours-10 sixes in 41 balls and scored unbeaten 100 runs at a strike rate of 243.90. It was as if Jake brought a tsunami of runs in the 16th over. He scored 29 runs in one over of Rashid Khan. Virat Kohli was also surprised to see this. This reaction of Kohli is going viral.

Jax defeated Rashid Khan with ferocity
Jacques surprised Rashid Khan, who hit sixes on the world’s best batsmen. Jacques destroyed Rashid Khan by hitting a six on the second and third balls, a four on the fourth ball and a six on the fifth and sixth balls. Rashid scored 29 runs in this over. With the final six, Jaques not only completed his century but also gave RCB a spectacular win by 9 wickets in 24 balls.

Virat Kohli’s reaction went viral

Virat Kohli also expressed surprise after seeing Rashid Khan getting beaten. As soon as Jakes hit the first six. Kohli placed his hand on his mouth and started smiling. After this, Kohli’s nerves were filled with excitement after seeing so many fours and sixes. As soon as Jake hit the winning six, Kohli got excited and celebrated it with aggression. Kohli congratulated Jake by hugging him.

Kohli’s brilliant innings

Virat Kohli had performed brilliantly in this match. Starting the match, Virat hit 6 fours and 3 sixes in 44 balls and scored an unbeaten 70 runs at a strike rate of 159.09. Captain Faf du Plessis contributed 24 runs in 12 balls. After this win, RCB’s playoff hopes are alive again.

RCB can qualify in this way

RCB is at 10th position after winning 3 out of 10 matches. It has 6 digits. Although the net run rate is quite low. RCB’s NRR is -0.415. Now to qualify for the playoffs, it will not only have to win the remaining 4 matches by a big margin but will also have to depend on the performance of other teams. RCB can have a maximum of 14 points. It will be interesting to see how much luck favors RCB.