Akram was cheated by his own players in 1996 WC, PCB refused to come home

Pakistan cricket team is in the headlines these days. Meanwhile, former green team captain Wasim Akram has created a new controversy. He has told people a painful story of his 1996 World Cup. In an exclusive conversation with Pakistani YouTuber Daniel Shaikh, Akram, who is known as the ‘Sultan of Swing’ in the cricket world, revealed that he was betrayed by his own people during that time.

He said, “I was leading Pakistan in the 1996 World Cup, but I got injured before the semi-final match. The next match was against India. In case of injury, Aamir Sohail was made captain.

He said, “We lost to India in Bangalore. After the match, instead of taking responsibility for the defeat, the players started blaming me. Many players also said that I did not play against India due to fear of losing and made the excuse of injury.

“That incident still haunts me,” he said. A lot happened during that time. It’s very difficult when you deceive yourself. However, I have come a long way from all these things now.

He said, “This is life. You have to proceed like this. I was very upset after that incident. PCB called me and asked me not to come home because people are very angry with you. I asked him if I don’t go home, where will I go?’

He said, “This happens in the game of cricket. No one player can change the entire game. I know which players have made allegations against me, but I will not take their names. Well, the matter is over. But when you are betrayed by yourself, your heart breaks.