Angelo Mathews lashes out at Shakib

Angelo Mathews Press Conference on Time Out Controversy: The Sri Lanka-Bangladesh World Cup match played at the Arun Jaitley Stadium in Delhi on Monday was in the news due to the ‘time out’ of Sri Lankan batsman Angelo Mathews. Mathews was declared out without bowling a single ball under the time-out rule after failing to start batting within the stipulated time of 2 minutes. Actually, there was some problem with Mathews’ helmet, due to which his time was wasted. Bangladesh captain Shakib Al Hasan appealed to the umpire to send him back to the pavilion. Matthews was very disappointed. Mathews cried in the press conference after Sri Lanka lost the match.

There were 5 seconds left to start batting.
He said, “This is shameful. It is very disappointing if Shakib and Bangladesh want to play this kind of cricket. It would have been different if it had taken me two minutes to come to the crease, but I reached the ground in the stipulated time. I had 5 seconds left to start batting. He said, “The umpire said that when I was asking for the helmet, he did not see my helmet breaking. This should have been a consensus. I don’t want to talk about mankading but it is something that hurts the honor of the game.”

We are all fans of this game.
You are talking about respect, but why did your players not shake hands with Bangladesh players after the match? a reporter asked Matthews. On this Mathews said, you have to respect people. They should respect this game. We cricketers and even umpires are ambassadors of the game. If you don’t show respect or use common sense, it’s wrong. I used to have a lot of respect for Shakib and Bangladesh till now, but this matter has hurt me.

He said, we have video evidence. Which we will give later. There is a record of the time taken from taking the catch to going on the field and breaking the helmet. You tell me, shouldn’t I protect myself? The umpires should also have kept this in mind. Even the wicketkeeper is worried about his safety. Think, why would someone go without his guard? It was all a matter of your equipment getting damaged. I myself deliberately wanted to break my helmet a little. He said, “The rules are a bit clear as far as manhandling and obstructing the field are concerned, but there is no common sense in time out. I have never seen anything like this in my 15 years of career.

Did not waste time or try to take advantage, was the umpire’s decision wrong? “Yeah, I think so,” Matthews said. We should have discussed this. What if it had happened in the last over? I wasn’t trying to waste time or gain any advantage. This problem was due to equipment. I don’t want to make any excuses nor insult anyone.

Mathews was then asked whether the fourth umpire had said that a cricketer should be completely responsible for his own equipment. “It’s fun,” Matthews said. If I had gone without a helmet, it would have been my responsibility, but what could be the logic behind it.