Swapna Barman vs Nandini Agasara

Swapna Barman vs Nandini Agasara: A new controversy has arisen in the women’s heptathlon event of the Asian Games 2023. A transgender has won a medal in this competition. This has been said by none other than the Indian women’s cricket team. He is also an Indian athlete.

Indian athlete Swapna Barman finished fourth in the women’s heptathlon final event held on Sunday (October 1). That means she missed the medal by one place. She missed the medal by one stroke to fellow Indian athlete Nandini Agasara. Nandini stood third in the heptathlon and was successful in winning the bronze medal.

After Nandini Agasara won the medal, Swapna Barman made a tweet from her social media handle. In this tweet he clearly called Nandini a transgender. He also said that he wants his medal back.

“I have lost my bronze medal at the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou, China to a transgender woman. I want my medal back because it is against the rules of athletics. Please help me and support me.