India’s gold medal in Kabaddi

Asian Games 2023: Saturday There were protests, numerous reviews, heated discussions and a lot of drama ahead of India’s historic gold medal win in Kabaddi on 27 February.

The whole drama started when the match was suspended due to a controversial raid involving Indian captain Pawan Sehrawat. It took about an hour of discussion and deliberation to restart the final match of the event.

Senior officials including match officials, referees are continuously trying to resolve the situation amid continuous protests from both the sides. Were staying.

How the last 90 seconds of the match led to an hour-long break

The high-voltage drama began with less than 90 seconds left on the clock and the score level at 28-28 as Pawan Sehrawat hit a do-or-die raid.

During the raid Pawan entered the lobby without contacting any of his rivals. However, his move into the lobby created confusion as four Iranian opponents attempted to crush him.

Iran were initially given a point because the wind went out of bounds. However, this decision did not go down well with the Indian Kabaddi players, who strongly protested against the decision.

Later, a review was conducted, which involved both the TV umpire and the on-court umpire. After review, the decision was declared in favor of Team India and it was awarded four points. However, this decision was strongly criticized by the Iranian team.

Strong protests from both sides resulted in a tense situation in the final match of the event.