Pakistan Super League continues and a match was played between Peshawar Zalmi and Multan Sultans on Thursday. In this match, Multan Sultans under the captaincy of Mohammad Rizwan defeated Peshawar Zalmi led by Babar Azam and entered the final. Multan team will now enter the title match to be held on March 18. Apart from Multan’s victory in this match, an incident also happened which made a lot of headlines. This was seen in the first innings when Babar Azam’s Peshawar Zalmi was batting. Something happened in the 11th over of this innings which created an uproar. In this over the team got 7 runs on one ball. The umpire imposed a penalty after the ball hit the gloves.

The ball hit the gloves and scored 5 runs.

In the 11th over of the innings, the ball was in the hands of Khushdil Shah and Tom Kohler Cadmore was batting. Meanwhile, on the last ball of the over, Cadmore played a shot towards fine leg. After that he and Babar Azam, who was at the non-striking end, scored 2 runs each. But when the fielder bowled the ball, it hit the wicket-keeping gloves lying on the ground. These gloves belonged to Multan captain and wicketkeeper Mohammad Rizwan. It is often seen that the keeper runs after the ball and places his gloves on the ground to throw. But according to the rules, if something is intentionally placed on the field and the ball hits it, a penalty of 5 runs is given.

7 runs scored on 1 ball

Same thing happened here too, when the ball hit the gloves, the umpire gave a penalty of 5 runs with 2 runs allowed. In this way Peshawar Zalmi scored 7 runs on one ball. However, the rules were absolutely fine and field umpire Aleem Dar did everything as per the rules. But perhaps Mohammad Rizwan could not digest it. They were seen arguing continuously. There was a lot of uproar after this.

What do the MCC rules say?

If we look at the rule book of MCC (Marylebone Cricket Club), the body that makes the rules of cricket, this is also mentioned in it. This has been mentioned in MCC rule number According to him, if a fielder or wicketkeeper leaves his object on the field and if the ball hits him, the batting team gets five runs. Often you must have seen that the helmet is kept behind the wicketkeeper and if the ball hits him, only five runs are given.