The 68th match of IPL 2024 will be played between Chennai Super Kings and Royal Challengers Bangalore. This match will be played today i.e. On May 18 at Chinnaswamy Cricket Stadium, Bengaluru. This match between RCB and CSK is no less than a final, because the qualifier team is going to be decided in this match. If CSK wins this match then it will qualify for the playoffs. On the other hand, if RCB wins this match by some margin, they will also qualify.

Bengaluru will get home ground advantage

Bengaluru team seems to be at the forefront in the match between CSK and RCB. The circumstances of this match are making a lot of sense for Bengaluru. The first reason for this is that this match will be played at Chinnaswamy Cricket Stadium, which is the home ground of Bengaluru. In such a situation, RCB will definitely get the advantage of its home ground. RCB has played the maximum number of matches on this ground. In such a situation, what would be better than if the decisive match is played on someone’s home ground.

RCB back in form

The second reason is the toss factor. Ruturaj Gaikwad felt very bad in winning the toss. Chennai has played a total of 13 matches so far this season, out of which it has won the toss in only 2 matches. Gaikwad has lost the toss in 11 matches. Toss is going to play an important role in this match, so if Chennai loses the toss in this match also then RCB will benefit a lot from it.

Apart from this, the third reason is RCB’s return to form. RCB is winning 5 consecutive matches. While Chennai has been able to win only 3 matches in the last 7 matches, CSK has lost the remaining 4 matches. Because of this also, RCB’s dominance is visible in this match.