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Ben Stokes Road Accident Escape: Amidst the World Cup 2023, the England team is troubled by its poor performance. On Thursday, a stressful news came out for the cricket fans of England. Actually, a video of England’s star player Ben Stokes has surfaced on Instagram. In it, he shared a video in which he described a scary incident that happened to him and teammate Liam Livingstone. This was the moment Stokes survived and survived a road accident.

Stokes said the incident occurred in Delhi where he, Livingstone and conditioning coach Andy Mitchell had gone for an auto-rickshaw ride. During this time, a car driver strangely overtook the auto and narrowly escaped a road accident. The England all-rounder has told the whole story.

Stokes said, “Livy (Livingstone) and I are quite tall. Conditioning coach Mitch (Andy Mitchell) was also with us. So you can imagine how we will sit in the tuk-tuk (auto). In this video you can see what happened to us. We were on the road and came across another vehicle which did not reduce speed and overtook us badly. Stokes told the full story in The Athlete’s Voice by 4Cast.

England are almost out of the race for the semi-finals!
England has lost four out of its five matches. If the team wins the remaining four matches then it will be able to get only 10 points. In such a situation, the path to the semi-finals is now looking very difficult for the English team. For now, it remains to be seen whether the team is able to win matches in the coming matches while at least saving its honour.