Sri Lanka’s loss to Bangladesh could be huge

Champions Trophy 2025: The ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 will be held in India. This tournament will be played in round-robin format. After 9 matches each in the league stage, the top 4 teams will qualify for the semi-finals. But even here the game will not end for the remaining teams. This is because it is the qualification standard for the Champions Trophy in the World Cup 2025. Only the top-8 teams from this World Cup will be able to participate in the Champions Trophy 2025.

Let us tell you that the Champions Trophy is to be held after 2017 in 2025. The tournament was hosted by Pakistan. As hosts, even if Pakistan finishes 9th in the 2023 World Cup, they will get automatic qualification and the top 7 teams in the points table will make it to the Champions Trophy. If Pakistan finishes in the top 8, they will qualify for the Champions Trophy.

What is the current situation?
After 38 matches of the World Cup, Sri Lanka has slipped to eighth place in the points table after losing to Bangladesh. Sri Lanka’s last match is against New Zealand, which is a do or die match for the Kiwis. Netherlands are placed 9th, having to play England and India. If the Sri Lankan team loses one more match here and the Netherlands and England win, then the Champions Trophy ticket could be difficult for them and Bangladesh.

The world champions will be ousted from the reigning double champions (ODI and T20 champions) English team i.e. The England team is in danger of being out of the Champions Trophy. England’s remaining two matches are against Pakistan and Netherlands. This will be a do or die match for Pakistan. England is already out of the race for the semi-finals. But whether this team will be able to make itself from 10th position to top 8 remains to be seen. England is going through difficult times at the moment. The England team has lost six out of seven matches. If England fails to make the top 8, the world champions will be out of the Champions Trophy 2025.