England’s win will hurt Sri Lanka, these two teams will be out of the Champions Trophy!

Champions Trophy Qualification Scenario: England has registered its second win in the World Cup 2023 after losing six consecutive matches. The England team, which has emerged as the defending champion, has disappointed everyone with its performance this time. Due to this performance, the team was also in danger of being eliminated from the Champions Trophy to be hosted by Pakistan in 2025. But now the England team has made the Champions Trophy qualification interesting again by jumping from 10th to 7th place in the points table.

After losing to Bangladesh in the last match, we had said that Sri Lanka could be in danger. The same has been seen and there has been an upheaval in the points table after England’s victory over Netherlands. The England team has now moved from 10th to 7th in the points table with 4 points. Netherlands lost the match by 160 runs. Netherlands are now placed 10th in the table, while Sri Lanka has slipped to 9th. Let us tell you that the top 8 teams of the World Cup 2023 points table, including host Pakistan, will qualify for the Champions Trophy 2025.

India, South Africa, Australia, Pakistan (hosts), New Zealand and Afghanistan have qualified for the Champions Trophy to be hosted by Pakistan. The remaining two spots are now up for grabs between Bangladesh (who are currently ranked eighth), England (who are currently ranked seventh), Sri Lanka (who are ranked ninth) and the Netherlands (who are ranked 10th). Bangladesh will play its last match against Australia. England will face Pakistan in the final, while Netherlands will face India and Sri Lanka will face New Zealand.

What is Champions Trophy?
If England wins against Pakistan then they will remain at number one. 7. If Bangladesh wins, then England can come in 7th position if their net run rate is good. Otherwise, they may also slip to 9th position after the loss as there is not much difference between them and Sri Lanka’s net run rate. On the other hand, the result of Sri Lanka against New Zealand will also be seen. If rain spoils the game and both the teams get one point each, then Sri Lanka can also finish at 7th position. The Netherlands team, which has registered eight consecutive wins, will find it difficult to play against the Indian team. That means any two teams from England, Bangladesh or Sri Lanka are seen making a place in the Champions Trophy.