Cricket Records: List of players who have hit more than 150 sixes in IPL

Indian Premier League (IPL) is the world’s largest T20 cricket tournament. That is why there is a rush of runs here and fans get to see a lot of fours and sixes. Chris Gayle, AB de Villiers, Andre Russell, Rohit Sharma, Suresh Raina and Virat Kohli entertain the spectators with their batting in this tournament.

It is raining sixes in IPL. Many long sixes have been hit in the IPL so far and many players have hit more than 150 sixes. You will be surprised to know that explosive batsman Chris Gayle has hit more than 300 sixes alone and there is no player around him. Although there are many other big names in this list, but all of them are far behind Chris Gayle.

A total of 11 players have hit more than 150 sixes in the IPL so far. Of these, 3 players have hit more than 200 sixes. These 11 players include 5 foreign and 6 Indian players. Talking about Indian players, Chennai Super Kings captain MS Dhoni is on top and has hit more than 200 sixes.Let us know which players have hit more than 150 sixes in IPL so far:

  1. Chris Gayle-326 sixes
  2. AB de Villiers-212 sixes
  3. MS Dhoni-209 sixes
  4. Rohit Sharma-194 sixes
  5. Suresh Raina-194 sixes
  6. Virat Kohli-190 sixes
  7. David Warner-181 sixes
  8. Shane Watson-177 sixes
  9. Kieron Pollard-176 sixes
  10. Yusuf Pathan-158 sixes
  11. Robin Uthappa-156 sixes