Delhi Capitals defeated Mumbai Indians. In the 43rd match of IPL 2024 played at the Arun Jaitley Cricket Stadium in Delhi, Rishabh Pant-led Delhi Capitals defeated Mumbai by 10 runs. Delhi had given Mumbai a target of 158 runs to win, which Mumbai could not achieve. With this victory, Delhi has given a big blow not only to Mumbai Indians but also to Chennai Super Kings. Delhi has taken a big leap in the points table. The CSK team, which was once on the top of the points table, has now fallen even lower than Delhi.

How is the situation of Delhi Capitals now?

Before this match, Delhi Capitals was at sixth position in the points table after winning 4 out of 9 matches. But now Delhi has left CSK behind. Delhi has now reached fifth place in the points table after winning 5 out of 10 matches. In such a situation, Delhi has made 2 victims with one win. Delhi has not only surprised Mumbai Indians but also left Chennai Super Kings behind in the points table. Chennai team has played 8 matches so far, out of which it has won 4 matches and is in fifth place. On the other hand, before this match, Mumbai team was at 9th position after winning 3 out of 8 matches, now Mumbai is at 9th position after winning 3 out of 9 matches.

Mumbai out of playoffs?

Let us tell you that even though Mumbai Indians have lost 6 out of 9 matches, they are still not out of the playoffs. Any team will have to win 8 matches to reach the playoffs. However, if there is more turmoil in the points table, a team can qualify even by winning 7 matches. Mumbai still has 5 matches to play, if Mumbai wins all the matches, then it will easily qualify. At the same time, even if Mumbai loses one more match, it will not be out of the playoffs.