Irfan Pathan reveals he hit by nail during India vs Pakistan Match in Peshawar

Irfan Pathan India vs Pakistan Match in Peshawar: The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has complained to the International Cricket Council (ICC) about the behavior of the players during the match against India in Ahmedabad. Discussion is going on in this regard. Former Indian cricketer and commentator Irfan Pathan has also shared his views on this matter. Irfan shared the painful experience of the match played in Peshawar, Pakistan.

he could have been seriously injured
Speaking on commentary during the India-Bangladesh match on Thursday, Pathan revealed that he was hit by a nail, which was close to his eye, while playing in Peshawar. He said, “We were playing a match in Peshawar when a fan threw a nail at me which hit me below the eye. I could have been seriously injured. The match was stopped for about 10 minutes, but we didn’t pay any attention to it because we were playing good cricket.”

After Aakash Chopra’s revelation, former India batsman Aakash Chopra supported Pathan for bringing this story on ‘X’. “I was not aware that fans in Peshawar threw a nail at Irfan which hit him below the eye. Remember the game was stopped for a bit due to fan trouble, but today I found out the exact reason. Irfan Pathan…great big picture to keep in mind.

Some people use it to their advantage.
In response, Irfan wrote, “I think fans are the most important thing for this game and things keep happening. But nowadays some people are trying to spread unnecessary negativity for their own benefit and the story is being presented in a different way. PCB has filed a complaint that Pakistani journalists and fans were not given visas. Furthermore, the Pakistani team was treated unfairly.