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Accusations Against Shahid Afridi: Former Pakistan fast bowler Shahid Afridi has once again taken India to task. Danish Kaneria has accused Afridi of forcing him to convert to Islam. Danish has made this allegation against Afridi by tweeting. “When Afridi can do this to his daughter, imagine how much pressure he must have put on me to convert,” Danish said in a video.

Afridi scolded the daughter who was praying

Former Pakistan cricketer Dinesh Kaneria has shared a video on Instagram. In the video, Afridi can be seen saying, “Once my daughter was watching Star Plus channel on TV and was standing in front of the TV and doing aarti with a plate. This made me so angry that I hit the TV hard, causing the TV to fall and explode. He said, “That’s why I used to tell my wife not to let the children watch TV, you watch it alone.

He said, “Yogi Adityanath is your father in UP.

Sharing this video, Dinesh Kaneria wrote, ‘Afridi got so angry with his own daughter that he broke the TV, just because his daughter was doing puja. Imagine if he can do this to his innocent daughter, how will he treat me. He said, “I survived because I have the blessings of Lord Ram. You take care of yourself because your father in UP is Yogi Adityanath.