Century runs in blood instead of blood in veins

Happy Birthday Virat Kohli: Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli recently celebrated his 35th birthday. On Virat Kohli’s birthday, his fans are congratulating him on social media. On the other hand, the match between India and South Africa on the occasion of Kohli’s birthday is making Kohli’s birthday even more special. Former Indian cricketer Virender Sehwag also wished Kohli on his birthday on Twitter. While wishing Kohli on his birthday, Sehwag said, “The century runs in the veins of Virat Kohli and not in the blood.

Instead of blood in Kohli’s veins, Virender Sehwag has praised Kohli on his birthday. He said, “Virat Kohli has ruled cricket with his work ethic, passion, hard work and talent. He said, “There are ups and downs in everyone’s life, but one thing has always been seen in Kohli, that is the intensity and hunger for runs. Sehwag further said that Kohli scores centuries instead of blood in his veins. He also wished Virat a happy birthday.

Will Kohli score a special century on his birthday?
Let us tell you that today the eyes of the fans will also be focused on Virat Kohli’s century. Virat Kohli has been waiting for his 49th century for many matches. Virat Kohli is on the verge of equaling Sachin Tendulkar’s record of 49 centuries in ODIs. Kohli was about to achieve this feat in the last match, but he missed the century, so today the fans are waiting for a special birthday century.