Hasan Raza’s controversial remarks on DRS

ODI World Cup 2023. Former Pakistan fast bowler Hasan Raza has once again given a controversial statement. This time he has raised questions on the Decision Review System (DRS). Raza, who has played for Pakistan at the international level, said after the India vs South Africa match that India was manipulating the DRS to keep the decision in its favor.

How can a left-arm spinner’s ball turn towards the middle stump after pitching on the line of leg stump, the 41-year-old said during an exclusive interaction with a TV channel. I think this should be investigated.

When the anchor said that you can say this with a claim, the former player said, “Yes, it is happening. This is not the first time. I will also bring Pakistan into the discussion. Our match against Africa was very close but the decision did not go in our favour. Same thing happens in domestic situations.

Earlier, he had said that a lot of things are going in India’s favor in the tournament, be it review or some other things. How are Shami and Siraj bowling? In our times, the ball used to swing reverse, but what is happening here.

The Pakistani legend gave a controversial statement saying that during the match I feel that the ball is being changed. I don’t know whether BCCI is giving them the ball or ICC. The board should look into this.