Can qualify in this way

Pakistan Cricket Team: The 2023 ODI World Cup is being played in a very spectacular manner. Fans get to watch exciting matches every day. Pakistan cricket team has not performed well in the World Cup yet. The team has played four matches in the current World Cup and won only two. India had to face defeat by 62 runs in the first test against Australia. India has played five matches against Pakistan so far. Here’s how Pakistan can qualify for the semi-finals.

Pakistani team is at this number

Pakistan made a great start in the ODI World Cup, but after that the team bowler And the batsmen could not perform miracles. In the first match, Pakistan defeated India by 81 runs. Sri Lanka won this match by 6 wickets. However, Pakistan had to face defeat by 7 wickets. Australia won this match by 62 runs. Pakistan has played four matches in the ODI World Cup 2023, out of which the team has won 2 and lost 2. It has four digits. The team is at fifth position and its net run rate is minus 0.456.

Can qualify in this way

There are still 5 matches left in the World Cup. The team has to play matches against Afghanistan, South Africa, England, New Zealand and Bangladesh and have to win all their matches to reach the semi-finals. In this way he will have a total of 14 points. But if the Pakistani team is successful in winning four out of these 5 matches, then it will have a total of 12 points and then it will have to depend on other teams to qualify for the semi-finals. On the other hand, the team that wins four matches will have to win by a bigger margin. So that their net run rate can improve.

won the title once

Imran Khan was the captain of Pakistan’s 1992 World Cup winning team. Since then, India has not won a single ODI World Cup. In 1999, the team reached the final but lost to Australia. This time the team has not performed well under the leadership of Babar Azam. Star fast bowlers Shahin Shah Afridi and Harris Rauf have not proved beneficial for the team.