ICC may announce inclusion of cricket in Olympics

of 2028 los angeles olympics Cricket is set to be included in the program along with flag football, baseball and softball. This claim was made in a report in The Guardian newspaper. According to the news of The Guardian, the inclusion of cricket in the Olympics will be confirmed in the 141st session of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) starting from October 15 in Mumbai. Lacrosse and squash may also be proposed as additional sports for the 2028 Summer Games,

Cricket has been played in the Olympics only once. In 1900, there was a gold medal match between England and France in Paris. The men’s and women’s competition in the Olympics will be in T20 format. By making cricket a part of sports, I.O. C. Can attract South Asian audiences and earn huge sums from broadcast deals.

The entry of cricket in the Olympics will also help a lot in increasing the reach of this game. India is the largest market for the sport and its inclusion in the 2028 season will significantly increase the value of the IOC broadcast deal in the country.

The IOC is likely to receive 15.6 million pounds (about Rs 1.5 billion) from India in a broadcast deal for the 2024 Olympics, but the deal could reach up to 150 million pounds (about Rs 15 billion) after cricket is included in the 2028 Olympics. Could. Women’s cricket made its debut at the Commonwealth Games last year, while men’s and women’s cricket were part of the recently concluded Asian Games in China. Indian men’s and women’s teams won gold medals in the Asian Games.