Here are the 3 equations for the India Pakistan semi final

IND vs PAK Semifinal Scenario: India defeated South Africa by 243 runs in their eighth match of the 2023 World Cup. With this victory, India has reached the top of the points table. India and South Africa are the two teams that have made it to the semi-finals. It is now a battle between Pakistan, New Zealand, Australia and Afghanistan for the remaining two semi-final spots. Meanwhile, there is speculation whether a semi-final could also take place between India and Pakistan.

Let us tell you that there are three major equations for the semi-finals between India and Pakistan. Before knowing them, it is important to know that now that Team India is going to be on the first position, it will have to face the fourth team on the points table in the semi-finals. In such a situation, there is a possibility of New Zealand, Pakistan or Afghanistan in fourth place. Pakistan will have to deal with these two teams to make it to the semi-finals.

All the math for the semi-finals?
Afghanistan’s remaining two matches are against Australia and South Africa. New Zealand will play its last two matches against Sri Lanka and Pakistan. If Afghanistan wins even one of the remaining two matches, along with New Zealand and Pakistan also winning the final match, then all three teams will have 5-5 wins i.e. 10-10 points.

Net run rate will come in handy in this case. Australia have won five of their 7 matches, with two remaining against Afghanistan and Bangladesh. If the Kangaroos win even one match, they will qualify for the semi-finals. If Australia loses both the matches then Pakistan and New Zealand will have to win their previous matches by big margins.