MS Dhoni bowling in the nets before the RCB match: Royal Challengers Bangalore will face Chennai Super Kings in the IPL on 18 May 2024. Whichever side wins this match will reach the playoffs. In such a situation, the importance of this match has increased further. Before the big match, a video of Chennai Super Kings captain MS Dhoni’s bowling surfaced. There are many reactions to this video, including whether MS Dhoni will be seen bowling against RCB.

Both Chennai Super Kings and RCB have only one match left in the league stage. These two teams will face each other on May 18 and this match will act as a knockout match for RCB. In the match, the team will not only have to overcome CSK but will also have to maintain a big margin of victory. If the team bats first, it must win by at least 18 runs; If they bat later, they will have to achieve the target of 180 runs in 18.1 overs. If this happens then RCB’s net run rate will be higher than CSK and it will reach the playoffs. In such a situation CSK will be out.

MS Dhoni practiced bowling in the nets

If Chennai Super Kings wins this match then it will reach the playoffs. Both the teams are now busy in preparations. Before this match, MS Dhoni bowled in the nets and its footage has gone viral on social media.

According to the forecast of the Meteorological Department, there may be rain in Bengaluru during the RCB and CSK match. If the match is canceled due to weather then CSK will reach the playoffs. They currently have 14 points, and if they get one more point, they will have 15. RCB have 12 points, and if they get one more, they will have only 13 points.