The 26th match of IPL 2024 was played between Lucknow Super Giants and Delhi Capitals. This match has been like a lifeline for Delhi Capitals. Delhi has achieved its second win of this season by defeating Lucknow in this match. But even after this victory, the problems of Delhi Capitals captain Rishabh Pant have started increasing. The review dispute between Pant and the umpire is not stopping during this match. Due to Pant’s unnecessary debate, BCCI has also been demanded to fine the captain. Due to this, Pant may have to face dangerous consequences during the IPL.

Who fined Pant?

The dispute between Pant and the umpire regarding the review continued for 3-4 minutes. Former Australian cricketer Adam Gilchrist is unhappy with this. He has not only raised questions on Pant’s attitude but has also demanded BCCI to impose a fine on him. Gilchrist while talking to Cricbuzz said that if the captain has to complain about something to the umpire then he should not hesitate to do so. There’s no problem, but it shouldn’t take that much time. The argument that was taking place between Pant and the umpire was not a big deal, but still Pant kept arguing with the umpire for 3-4 minutes. If a player prolongs the conversation in this manner, he should be fined.

what is the whole matter

Adam Gilchrist said that in this match I saw that the umpires need to control the game more. Whether or not Rishabh Pant reviewed for a wide ball, it was just a misunderstanding. Even after this Pant stood there and kept promoting this small thing, it was completely wrong. The umpire should have taken control of the situation and started the play immediately, but if the captain or any player is still arguing for a long time, they should also be fined. Let us tell you that there is a debate going on on social media regarding Rishabh Pant’s review controversy. It was clearly seen in the replays that Pant had asked for a review by making a ‘T’ with his hand, but still he later got into an argument with the umpire that he had not asked for a review. It remains to be seen whether any action will be taken against Pant in this case.