This time in IPL 2024, Hardik Pandya is captaining Mumbai Indians. After losing three consecutive matches, Mumbai got one win but still the team’s problems have not reduced. Now Hardik Pandya’s brother was arrested during the tournament. Hardik’s step brother has been arrested for cheating the cricketer. However, Hardik himself had complained about this.

Mumbai Police arrested

According to a Times of India report, Hardik Pandya’s stepbrother Vaibhav Pandya has been arrested by the Mumbai Police in a fraud case. Actually, Vaibhav Pandya has been found guilty of cheating his own step brother of Rs 4.3 crore. Along with Vaibhav, Hardik Pandya and Krunal Pandya also had stake in a business. In which Hardik and Krunal had 40 percent stake and Vaibhav had 20 percent stake.

The profit was to be divided according to each person’s share in this business. But Vaibhav did not do this. Instead of handing over the company’s profits to his brothers, Vaibhav formed a separate company and transferred it, thereby violating the partnership agreement of the business. After which Hardik and Krunal recorded a loss of Rs 4.3 crore. Not only this, without informing anyone, Vaibhav had increased his profit share in this partnership from 20 percent to 33.3 percent.

Hardik himself had filed the complaint

Actually, Hardik Pandya himself had filed a complaint against Vaibhav Pandya. After which the Economic Offenses Wing arrested Vaibhav Pandya. After this the court sent Vaibhav to police custody.