Gujarat Titans have lost the IPL 2024 title. In the match played against Delhi Capitals on Wednesday, Capitals defeated Titans at home. This was the fourth defeat of Shubman Gill’s team in 7 matches. Now Titans have reached seventh place in the points table. He has only 6 points.

Now it has become very difficult for them to qualify for the playoffs. Although he still has a chance to go to the playoffs, but for this he will have to perform well in all the upcoming matches. Let us know how Gujarat Titans can qualify for the playoffs now.

Gujarat will have to win all the seven matches. Titans now have 7 matches left. Titans will have to win all these seven matches to qualify directly for the playoffs. With this, they will have 20 points and can easily make it to the top-4 teams.

Gujarat Titans won at least 5 matches

However, it will not be easy for the Titans to win all their matches. The same can be said considering the way his poor performance continues. Nevertheless, to qualify for the playoffs, the Titans will have to win at least 5 out of 7 matches. With this he will have 16 points. I. P. l. The cutoff to qualify for is generally considered to be 16 marks.

Cutoff of 16 marks

In such a situation, the Titans can qualify, but sometimes the matter gets stuck on the net run rate between the two teams with 16 points each. In such a situation, the Titans will not only have to register a win but will also have to achieve a big win. With this she can avoid possible danger. Let us tell you that last year Mumbai Indians were in fourth place. He scored 16 runs. In such a situation, despite having a minus net run rate, they had qualified for the playoffs.

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