Shubman Gill Mystery Girl: In the 32nd match of IPL 2024, Gujarat Titans had to face a humiliating defeat by 6 wickets at the hands of Delhi Capitals. After this defeat, captain Shubman Gill is in the headlines. Along with this match, he was also seen ‘losing his heart’ to a mystery girl. Actually, after the match, the video of Shubhman Gill and a mystery girl is becoming increasingly viral in the corridors of cricket. In which Gill is seen smiling at the mysterious girl.

Gill and mystery girl’s video becomes a topic of discussion

This video is from the time when Gill was sitting outside in the dugout. Meanwhile, Rashid Khan hits a six and Shubman Gill and the mysterious girl come into the limelight. The cameraman’s attention was drawn to a mysterious girl who was enjoying the match and clapping. Meanwhile, Gil also enters and is seen smiling. This video of both has become a topic of discussion among the fans. However, some fans say that Gill was reacting to Rashid’s six.

Claims to be Prithvi Shaw’s girlfriend

After this video went viral, fans are enjoying Shubman Gill. Some fans are reacting to this video of his. Finally, discussions have started about who this mysterious girl is. Some fans say that this girl is Prithvi Shaw’s ex-girlfriend Prachi Singh, while others have made other speculations about her. Whatever the case, this video of Gill has become a topic of discussion for fans.

Spanish actress?

A fan shared a picture of the mystery girl. He said- Spanish actress Ana looks like Celia de Armas from the side. However, after this defeat, Gill’s challenges have increased further. Gujarat Titans have lost 4 out of 7 matches and have reached seventh place in the points table. It remains to be seen how Shubman Gill takes his team to the playoffs.

Prakash Gupta

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