It cannot be that there is no uproar over the umpire’s decision in IPL. Something similar was seen in the match played between Rajasthan Royals and Gujarat Titans on Wednesday. During this time there was a lot of uproar regarding the decision of the third umpire. This scene was seen in the 17th over.

the ball was going away from the off stump

It happened that Mohit Sharma came to bowl the last ball of this over. As soon as he bowled the slow ball, it started moving away from the off stump. Here Sanju Samson, who was on strike, started going to the length of the ball. However he missed and could not make the shot. After this the umpire made it wide.

Third umpire forgot ground umpire’s signal

Shubman Gill reviewed this decision of the umpire. Third umpire Ananthapadmanabhan considered that the ball was not wide from Samson’s initial movement. He then asks the umpire to stick to his non-wide call. However, they forget that the umpire had signaled wide. After this the atmosphere changes.

The third umpire looks at it again and this time he says it should be considered a wide. This decision of the third umpire creates an uproar. Gujarat Titans captain Shubman Gill looks very angry. He was also seen arguing with the umpire.

Shubhman Gill had got angry earlier also

Earlier, Shubhman Gill had also become angry with the umpire in the match against Lucknow Super Giants. He was angry at Devdutt Padikkal not being given out. Shubman was not shown as an extremist. Because of this the picture could not be clear in front of him. Gill had complained about this to the umpire. Later he appeared very angry.