King Kohli is still far behind Sachin Tendulkar in achieving ‘Virat’ form, know how

Virat Kohli Sachin Tendulkar Record Comparison: Virat Kohli has finally achieved the feat which was long awaited. On Sunday, Kohli equaled the record of scoring most centuries in ODI cricket. Virat Kohli may have equaled his idol Sachin Tendulkar’s record of 49 centuries in a very short span of time but to actually become number one. 1 ODI cricket will probably have to wait. He is saying this because Sachin still has many such records in ODI cricket, which seem impossible to reach. Let us talk about some important factors, considering which it would be dishonest to compare Virat and Sachin right now.

Actually, it is not fair to compare Virat and Sachit because both have been players from different eras. In these two different eras, there have been changes in the nature of pitches, review systems and safety techniques for batsmen. There is no doubt that cricket now appears to be more helpful to batsmen than before. Virat Kohli achieved this feat in 174 innings, which is one innings less than Sachin Tendulkar. The special thing is that his batting average and strike rate in ODI cricket has also been better than Sachin. However, it would be too early to call him the king of ODI matches.

Crossing 4800 runs is not easy.
Sachin has scored 18426 runs in his ODI career. Virat Kohli currently has 13626 runs in his account, which means he is 4800 runs behind Sachin Tendulkar. This is no small matter. Many good batsmen do not score enough runs in their entire career. However, considering the kind of form Virat is in, it does not take much time to make up this difference. The record of playing most ODI matches for India is in the name of Sachin Tendulkar.

Virat Kohli has played a total of 119 innings of more than 50 runs (49 centuries + 70 half-centuries) in his career so far. In this case, Sachin has played 145 (49 centuries + 96 half-centuries) innings, which means Virat will still need 27 centuries or half-centuries to surpass Sachin in playing the most innings. It will take at least 4 to 5 years to even touch this figure.

Sachin Tendulkar was out after scoring 90+ runs a total of 18 times in his ODI career. He has mostly been a victim of nervous nights. Even if Sachin had converted his 90-plus innings into centuries on half of these occasions, he would still have been far ahead of Virat in terms of centuries. By the way, Virat Kohli has also been out on the score of 90 plus 7 till now.

Sachin Tendulkar has been the victim of umpires’ decisions most times. The main reason for this is that during Sachin’s era there was no system for taking reviews. Former Pakistan cricketer Shoaib Akhtar has said that if there was a review system during Sachin’s era, perhaps Sachin could have scored 100 centuries in ODIs as well. The DRS system has been in place ever since Virat Kohli has been playing cricket.

The batting pitch has received a boost since 2007.
Sachin Tendulkar played cricket in an era when pitches facilitated both batting and bowling equally. It can also be said that the bowlers were dominant to a great extent. After winning the T20 World Cup 2007, it was seen that the audience enjoyed watching fours and sixes more and the popularity of T20 was increasing, hence the preparation of batting pitches in ODI cricket got a boost.

A very strong factor of helmet safety!
Till 15 years ago, batsmen did not even have full helmets. In such a situation, the batsmen used to play shots carefully. Cricket experts say that in today’s era, batsmen are not afraid of facing fast bowlers because they know that they are completely safe, whereas in the past, batsmen were most afraid of hitting the ball so that the ball hits their head or jaw. Could not break.