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IPL 2024: The Indian Premier League (IPL) is being played in the country since March this year. But when Lok Sabha elections are held every five years in the country, there is a lot of speculation about IPL. In 2009, the competition was held outside India in South Africa. Then in 2014, some matches were moved to the United Arab Emirates. Now after this, IPL was organized after the elections in 2019. This year too, there is a lot of speculation regarding the organization of the tournament.

Where will IPL 2024 be played?
In this regard, IPL President Arun Dhumal has now given a big statement in an interview. According to media reports, Dhumal has made it clear that the IPL will be held entirely on Indian soil. He has clarified this picture. IPL was organized after the elections in 2019. Something similar can happen next year also. For now, the President has put an end to speculations that the tournament will be held outside India.

What did the IPL chairman say?
“There were elections in 2019, but we conducted it successfully in India,” Dhumal said in an interview with Jagran. This time also I think our security arrangements are capable that we can organize both the events simultaneously. However, it will take some time to finalize the plan. Because we will be able to do any work on this only after the Election Commission announces the election dates.

“It remains to be seen in which phase the elections will be held,” he said. Accordingly, we will try to make the programme. We will work with the government on this. With the guidance of the government, we will be able to organize IPL successfully.