Jai Shah on his achievements: BCCI Secretary Jay Shah has talked about his most important achievement during his time on the board. Jay Shah said that he organized IPL outside even during Covid, which is his biggest achievement. According to Jay Shah, practically every sport was stopped at that time, but BCCI showed that they are equal to anyone else by organizing the IPL.

Jai Shah has served as the secretary of the BCCI for many years. His art was often criticized, as well as appreciated. During his tenure, there was controversy over India’s decision not to play the Asia Cup in Pakistan, which was held in Sri Lanka using a hybrid model. Corona arrived during Jai Shah’s reign and the IPL had to be held behind closed doors outside India.

Despite Corona, we organized IPL – Jai Shah

When Jay Shah was asked about the best achievement of his time, he said that IPL was established during the Corona period. BCCI Secretary said this in an interview given to Times of India

My proudest achievement so far is that, even during Corona, we organized the IPL in UAE in 2020. During that time, major tournaments like the Olympics, English Premier League and French Open were postponed or cancelled, but we demonstrated to the world what BCCI is capable of.

India to host 2023 World Cup under Jay Shah’s leadership

Let us tell you that the World Cup 2023 was organized in India when Jay Shah was the BCCI Secretary and it was a big success. For the first time, India organized a major tournament on its own. Team India reached the World Cup final but could not win the trophy. The team’s next goal is to participate in the T20 World Cup, which will be held in America and West Indies in June. After IPL, the Indian team will leave for the T20 World Cup.