The condition of Virat Kohli’s team Royal Challengers Bangalore has become very critical. Bengaluru team is facing one defeat after another. It seems that the slogan of ‘Ee Saala Cup Namde’ will once again become useless. After a poor position in the points table, it seemed that King Kohli’s team would make a comeback, but Bengaluru’s magic could not work against Mumbai Indians and they suffered a one-sided defeat. The special thing is that by losing the match against Mumbai Indians, RCB has not only harmed itself but also ruined the fortunes of Punjab Kings.

How is the situation of RCB now?

The 25th match of IPL 2024 was played between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Mumbai Indians. Before this match, RCB team was at ninth position in the points table of IPL 2024 with 1 win out of 5. Apart from this, Mumbai Indians team was in eighth place with one win out of 4. In such a situation, this match was very important for both the teams. Now along with Bengaluru, Punjab Kings have also got a shock due to the one-sided defeat by Bengaluru in the match. RCB team is still at 9th position in the points table with 1 win out of 6, while Mumbai has overtaken Punjab to occupy 7th position.

Mumbai strong in points table

Mumbai Indians team was earlier at 8th position in the points table with one win out of 4, now it has reached 7th position. Apart from this, Punjab team was at 7th position with 2 wins out of 5, now after the defeat of RCB, it has reached 8th position. In this way, Bengaluru has also defeated Punjab with its own defeat. The race for the points table has become quite exciting. There is a race between all the teams to play the playoffs. Sanju Samson’s team Rajasthan Royals is on top of the points table with 4 wins out of 5. Apart from this, Delhi Capitals is in last place with 1 win out of 5. Now it has become difficult for Bengaluru to play the playoffs, although RCB is not completely out, but will have to show some miracle to remain in this race.