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PAK vs AFG ODI World Cup 2023: The 22nd match of the ICC World Cup will be played between Pakistan and Afghanistan. This match is very important for Pakistan, because Pakistan team is coming after losing two consecutive matches. In such a situation, if they want to reach the semi-finals then it is necessary to defeat Afghanistan. Former Pakistan fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar has expressed his displeasure on this. He said that today’s match is not going to be Pakistan versus Afghanistan, but Pakistan versus the audience.

Talks with Pakistan are not possible. Akhtar Shoaib Akhtar has released a video and given a statement about today’s match. He said, “Pakistan is not a team that should be messed with. Pakistan has good bowling, good batting, so there will be no upset with Pakistan. He further said that it is very important for Pakistan to win today’s match, if Pakistan loses today then the path to the semi-finals will become difficult. In this video, Akhtar further said that the matches being played against Pakistan in the World Cup 2023 are full of stadiums.

He said, “Whatever team’s match is against Pakistan, the opposing team gets the support of the fans, pressure is also seen on the Pakistan team. Apart from this, Afghanistan’s spin bowlers are going to get help from the field. Indian grounds are favorable for spin bowlers, so Pakistan needs to be careful of Afghanistan’s spinners.