Pakistani cricketer tweeted in support of Hamas in India

Whole world People are expressing anger against the terrorist organization Hamas. Hamas militants have carried out attacks in Israel, killing several civilians. Israel is now avenging the deaths of its citizens. India stands with Israel. Meanwhile, Pakistani cricketers playing in the ICC ODI World Cup-2023 have openly supported Hamas. have done,

He tweeted this in Hyderabad.

Mohammad Rizwan is currently in India for the ongoing ODI World Cup. Rizwan played an unbeaten inning of 131 runs against Sri Lanka in the World Cup match in Hyderabad. He was chosen player of the match. What Rizwan then wrote on X (Twitter) angered many people. Not only this, they also beat him.

Rizwan dedicated his century to the people of Gaza

Many countries around the world are supporting Hamas. In fact, they are in support of the people of Gaza, one of them is Pakistan. Mohammad Rizwan dedicated his century to the Palestinian people in Gaza on social media after the win against Sri Lanka in the ODI World Cup. Rizwan wrote a post openly supporting X, which is going viral.

Tweet from Hyderabad

Rizwan wrote, “This is for our brothers and sisters in Gaza. I am happy to contribute to the victory. The credit for making it easy goes to the entire team and especially Abdullah Shafiq and Hasan Ali. Thank you very much to the people of Hyderabad for the wonderful hospitality and support.

people expressed protest

Many users commented on Mohammad Rizwan’s post, many of whom are Indians. Cricket fans have criticized Rizwan for his post on standing with Israel. One user wrote, “If you want to support Gaza, write Hamas as a terrorist organization. What a bad mentality. Another user wrote, “How can a century or victory help the people living in Gaza? If you want to do something, you and the entire Pakistani team should donate your earnings to Palestinians, if you can’t, don’t write anything.