Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated the Indian contingent on winning 100 medals in the Asian Games.

your official Via social media accounts, PM Modi praised the Indian athletes for their excellent performance at the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou and extended his warm wishes to them.

The Indian women’s Kabaddi team won the gold medal in the final against Chinese Taipei last Saturday as India achieved its target of crossing 100 medals in the multi-sport event. took.

Prime Minister Modi announced through his social media posts that he plans to host the Indian delegation from the Asian Games on October 10. He also mentioned his intention to personally connect with the athletes who contributed to the country’s success by putting in excellent individual and team performances, thereby ultimately enabling India to reach the milestone of 100 medals at the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou. Done.

He tweeted, “An important achievement for India in the Asian Games! The people of India are thrilled that we have reached the remarkable milestone of 100 medals. I heartily congratulate our extraordinary athletes whose efforts have led to this historic achievement for India. Every awe-inspiring performance has created history and filled our hearts with pride. I look forward to hosting our Asian Games contingent on the 10th and interacting with our players.

In the gold medal match at the 2023 Asian Games, the Indian women’s kabaddi team took a 14–9 lead over Chinese Taipei and maintained their lead throughout the competition to win the gold medal.

In their opening match during the tournament, both the teams had drawn the match with the final score of 34-34. During the first half of the match, the Indian Raiders scored bonus points, while Chinese Taipei took the lead in the second half by scoring 16 points. India fell behind by 12 points in the second half.

Union Sports Minister Anurag Singh Thakur congratulated the team.

Athlete Ashwini Nachappa congratulated him and said that it is a big achievement. “” “Congratulations to Team India for this wonderful achievement in the Asian Games… 100 and counting is a great achievement.” “We have seen great performances at various events. This is a big inspiration for the 2024 Olympics.

Meanwhile, after winning 3 gold medals at the Asian Games and touching India’s 100-medal mark, archer Jyoti Surekha Vennam said, “I am very happy that I was able to do what I felt the shooting process should be like, And I was able to get satisfaction from it.”

Speaking on Indian archers winning 9 medals including 5 gold, Indian Archery Team High Performance Director Sanjeev Singh said, “This is the first time we have won all five gold medals in the compound category.

“Earlier, the highest number of gold medals in archery was four: one gold, one silver and two bronze in 2014. So far we have won five gold, two silver and two bronze medals. This was going to happen (reaching the 100-meter mark)…This is the result of four years of hard work…

Mainly due to their stellar performance in the first half, Indian women won 26-25 against Chinese Taipei. The win not only gave India its 25th gold medal, but also took the country’s total medal tally to 100.