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5th Time Upset with South Africa in World Cup : Netherlands has boosted the World Cup excitement by defeating South Africa. Netherlands defeated Africa in a one-sided match and proved that we are not considered flowers, we are fire. After the victory of Netherlands, the equation of the World Cup semi-finals has also completely changed. Let us tell you that this is not the first time that South Africa has been upset in the World Cup. Africa has been attacked 4 times already.

Bangladesh have caused two upsets in the ODI World Cup, the first being in 1999 against South Africa. Zimbabwe beat South Africa by 48 runs. This was a big blow to Africa because Zimbabwe was a very weak team at that time. This was followed by a second upset with Africa in the 2007 World Cup. Bangladesh defeated South Africa by 67 runs. Bangladesh has defeated South Africa for the third time in a row. Bangladesh defeated South Africa by 21 runs in ICC World Cup 2019.

Netherlands defeated the African team for the third time in 2022. During this period also, Netherlands had done the opposite with Africa. Netherlands beat South Africa by 13 runs in the T20 World Cup. Now Netherlands has also played South Africa in the ODI World Cup. This is the fifth time it has been reversed with Africa. With this defeat South Africa failed to top the points table. Had South Africa won this match, it would have topped the World Cup points table.