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Netherlands upset South Africa: World Cup excitement is at its peak. Something happened in this tournament that no one had even imagined. Netherlands has made a big upset by defeating South Africa in the 15th match of the World Cup. This is the third such incident in the last three days. After the defeat of South Africa, the craze for the World Cup has increased among the fans. A video of this incident has surfaced on social media. In this video it can be seen that during the batting of South Africa, the Netherlands bowler has a letter. Fans say it was a letter of defeat for Africa.

When South Africa came to bat, the bowler read the letter and kept the video in his pocket. Chasing the target of 246 runs set by the Netherlands, defeat also came for Africa. Netherlands captain Scott Edwards and a bowler were talking to each other. During this, the bowler took out a letter and read it. He also showed the letter to the captain. After this the bowler kept the letter in his pocket. This video has now surfaced on social media. Fans are commenting a lot on this video, fans are saying that this letter is a letter of defeat for Africa. The defeat of Africa was written in this letter.

India’s win over South Africa has given them the lead over the Netherlands. Earlier, Afghanistan had defeated England in a one-sided match. This has completely changed the equation of the World Cup points table. No one thought that the World Cup would be so disastrous. On the other hand, India has got the lead in the points table due to Africa’s defeat.