Will players wear masks at the World Cup This also happened in 2017 due to pollution

The World Cup is slowly moving towards its final stage. A situation of wearing masks has arisen in the match between Bangladesh and Sri Lanka to be held in Delhi. The reason for this is increasing pollution in Delhi. Delhi’s air pollution remains a matter of concern. It will remain like this for some time. Meanwhile, the big question is how the match will be played in such weather.

The match will be held on 6th November

The match between Sri Lanka and Bangladesh is to be played on 6 November at the Arun Jaitley Stadium in Delhi. There is a lot of excitement about this match. Due to continuous rains the pollution level has increased in Delhi. According to the Meteorological Department, the weather is likely to worsen in the coming days. In such a situation, people remember the match of 2017 in which the teams of India and Sri Lanka were face to face and the match was played wearing masks. On the day of the match, Delhi’s AQI was 351, which is considered very dangerous. In such a situation, once again the situation of wearing masks is being seen in the World Cup match.

Efforts to reduce pollution are ongoing.

Efforts are being made to reduce pollution in Delhi before the match. Many things have been banned around the stadium which increases pollution. Along with sprinkling water on the roads, dust suppressants are also being used to get rid of the dust. Delhiites have been asked to come to the stadium by metro or bus to watch the match instead of their personal vehicles. However, BCCI has not yet issued any official statement in this regard. If there is a lot of fog, BCCI may issue some guidelines.

An important match for Sri Lanka.

This match is very important for Sri Lanka. They have won only 2 out of 7 matches so far. However, the team is still in the semi-finals. However, the team will have to win both the remaining matches. After this, depending on the results of the remaining teams, the team can qualify for the top-4. At the same time, Bangladesh is already out of the World Cup, but they would also like to finish the tournament on a good note by winning the remaining matches.