The displeasure of Team India captain and former Mumbai Indians captain Rohit Sharma has come out openly. On social media, he expressed his displeasure towards IPL broadcaster Star Sports and said that videos of players were being recorded without their consent. These are also broadcast. This threatens the privacy of the players. After this statement of Rohit came to light, the broadcaster is facing criticism. Now Star Sports has broken its silence on this matter.

access was officially granted

According to reports quoting Star Sports, the clip was recorded during a practice session at the Wankhede Stadium on May 16. Star Sports got official access to it. Star Sports further said that no audio of this conversation was neither recorded nor aired.

Pay attention to privacy

Along with this, the channel also gave clarification about the second video, in which Rohit was seen with folded hands pleading to stop the audio. The channel said – That clip was shown in the live coverage before the match of Star Sports. There was no scope for editing it. The channel further said that we keep the privacy of the players in mind. We are committed to.

What is the whole matter?

Actually, two videos related to Rohit Sharma had gone viral. In one of them, he was seen talking to KKR assistant coach Abhishek Nair. In this, Rohit was heard saying that ‘this is my last’. The special thing is that this video was shared from the official X handle of KKR. Which was later removed after the controversy escalated. After this, when Rohit was talking to Dhawal Kulkarni before the match against Lucknow, as soon as he looked towards the camera, he folded his hands and requested to turn off the audio.

What did Rohit say?

Rohit broke his silence after both the videos went viral. He posted on Twitter and wrote that there has been too much interference in the lives of cricketers. Cameras are recording every aspect related to us. Despite asking Star Sports not to record my conversation, it was aired. This is a violation of privacy. The desire for exclusive content and ideas will one day break the trust between fans, cricketers and cricket.