A lot of craze is being seen among the fans regarding ICC T20 World Cup 2024. All the cricketers including IPL 2024 and BCCI also have their eyes on ICC T20 World Cup 2024. There is still suspense over which players will be included in the Indian team for the World Cup. It is expected that the Indian team squad can be released in the next one to two days. But meanwhile, the former star cricketer of India has chosen his favorite team. This team has surprised everyone. Because the former star has neither included KL Rahul nor given place to Ishan Kishan in his team. On the other hand, an uncapped player has been included in the squad.

These 2 players were dropped from the team

Many Indian players are looking in great form in IPL 2024. This season of IPL has given a new identity to many players. From Ryan Parag, who plays for Rajasthan Royals, to Shashank Singh and Ashutosh Sharma, who play for Punjab Kings, many players have made their mark this season. But still former Indian star player S Sreesanth has not made these players a part of his team. From KL Rahul to Ishan Kishan were included in the team for the ICC ODI World Cup 2023, but Sreesanth has also dropped these two players from the team.

Uncapped players entered

Former Indian star player Sreesanth has included an uncapped player in his team. This player is Mayank Yadav who plays for Lucknow Supergiants. He has surprised everyone with his speed in bowling. Even though Mayank has played only 3 matches this season, he has made his mark in these 3 matches only. Mayank has taken 6 wickets in 3 matches, but the reason he is in the headlines is the player’s bowling speed. Mayank surprised everyone by bowling at a speed of 157 against RCB. For this reason, the former player has included Mayank in his team.