There is a possibility of a semi-final between India and Pakistan. The game is going to be with New Zealand, understand the equation

ODI World Cup 2023: The most exciting moment of ICC World Cup 2023 is underway. Every match played these days is deciding the future of the team in the semi-finals or Champions Trophy. Meanwhile, Pakistan seems to be on a roll. The equation is working so much in favor of Pakistan that once again there can be a contest between India and Pakistan in the semi-finals. This will increase the excitement among the fans regarding the semi-finals.

India is currently on top of the World Cup points table. Even if India loses the next match against Netherlands, Team India will remain on top. In such a situation, India’s semi-final match is going to be held on November 15 against the team ranked fourth in the points table. Pakistan and New Zealand are in the race for fourth place. Both teams have 8-8 points. New Zealand’s next match is scheduled against Sri Lanka on November 9, but according to the Meteorological Department, there is a 50 percent chance of rain in this match. In such a situation, due to the cancellation of the match, New Zealand will have to be satisfied with just one point. With this victory, Pakistan has reached the semi-finals with 10 points.

The semi-final between India and Pakistan will be the fourth time that Pakistan has reached the semi-finals. They will finish fourth in the points table, making it clear that if Pakistan reaches the semi-finals, they will face India. In such a situation, a big war is going on between India and Pakistan. At one time it seemed that Pakistan would be out of the semi-finals, but it seems that it is getting the support of nature. In such a situation, according to the current equation, Pakistan is considered a strong contender to reach the semi-finals.