Umpire Nitin Menon has been in the news a lot in the match played between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Mumbai Indians. RCB fans are so angry with this umpire that they are demanding a ban on him. This question is also natural because Nitin Menon has given 4 wrong decisions in the same match. The special thing is that all these decisions have been taken against Royal Challengers Bangalore only. Because of this he is being trolled a lot. The wrong decision of this umpire is also being held responsible for the defeat of RCB. Let us tell you when Nitin Menon took wrong decisions.

No ball declared fair ball

Nitin Menon gave the first wrong decision in the match between RCB and Mumbai when Dinesh Karthik was batting. During this, a ball was above the waist, which should have been given a no ball. But the umpire declared the ball a fair ball. After this Dinesh Karthik took review, but still the decision was not changed and it was declared a right ball. Now this picture is going viral on social media. The umpire is being accused of fraud with RCB. Apart from this, Nitin Menon gave a wrong decision for the second time when Akash Madhwal stopped a ball on the boundary. Akash was fielding, during which it was clearly seen that the ball was touching Akash’s feet while his hands were touching the boundary. But still the umpire did not give a four to RCB

wide not given on wide ball

After this, the umpire gave a wrong decision for the third time, when RCB player Mahipal Lomror was batting. During this, Bumrah’s ball hit Lomror’s pad, on appeal umpire Nitin Menon declared him out. Later when Lomror took a review, it was seen that the umpire’s call had been made. In this way, Lomror also lost his wicket due to the umpire’s call. Also, when Ishan Kishan was batting, a ball was going inside the wide line, but the umpire declared the ball wide. It was clearly seen that the ball was not wide. In this way, umpire Nitin Menon has made 4 mistakes in the same match, the special thing is that Mumbai Indians have got the benefit of all these mistakes. All the decisions were against RCB.