ODI World Cup 2023 pakistani you tuber song

Pakistani Youtuber ODI World Cup 2023 Song: The World Cup has started in India. The craze of this World Cup is also seen in Pakistan. While ICC has made an official song for the World Cup, a Pakistani YouTuber has also made a fun song in support of his country which is going viral everywhere.

Actually, Pakistani YouTuber Chahat Ali Khan has shared a video in which he enthusiastically sings his version of the Cricket World Cup anthem wearing a suit and shades. The lyrics of the song include “Jeet Gaye Be Jeet Gaye” and he shared the video on X.

The entire song, built on just one line, the official song of the World Cup featuring Ranveer Singh, failed to impress the audience. After which the Pakistani YouTuber decided to make his own version. However, as soon as the video was posted, it went viral. In the video, he absurdly sings a version of the World Cup song. He repeats the same line again and again. Which contains only one line ‘Brother will win’.

However, the video suddenly takes a new turn when he gives information about Pakistan’s scheduled matches in the World Cup, which includes the first match against Netherlands and then the match against Sri Lanka vs India.

Many viewers are commenting on this troll video that now no one can stop Pakistan. Another user wrote, “I did not expect this. One fan commented, “This is a very powerful song, my friend was sitting in a wheelchair but after listening to it he also got up and went to turn off the TV.’