Wasim Akram lashes out at Hasan Raza’s ‘different ball being given to Team India’ remark

He said, Pakistan is doing very well in the World Cup. The whole world knows this. Former Pakistan cricketer Hasan Raza probably did not like why his team was performing poorly. Seeing the good performance of Team India, he raised questions on ICC and said that the Indian team is being given a different ball during the match. He was criticized for this. Wasim Akram is also not happy with his statement.

Asked about his comment on ball changing during a show, Akram said, “I was hearing about it for the last few days. I find them funny. Because they are not in the right place. You will humiliate yourself and us in front of the whole world.

He said, everyone knows that the umpire comes based on the team that wins the toss. If she bowls, there is a box of 12 balls. The captain picks up 2 balls from it. The umpire keeps both balls so that a second pick can be made even if the ball is damaged. Many people are involved in this process. I don’t know who thinks so. You should praise Indian bowlers, not talk like this.

Hasan Raza said.
Former Pakistani cricketer Hasan Raza, while talking to a Pakistani channel, said that this year many things have gone in favor of India. Be it a review or anything else. Mohammed Shami and Ishant Sharma are bowling. We used to play together at one time. And then the ball will reverse. But what is happening here? I think the ball is changing. I don’t know whether ICC is giving them the ball or BCCI. ICC should look at what is happening here.