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Six With a Broken Bat: On one hand, ICC’s biggest tournament, the ODI World Cup, is being played. On the other hand, Women’s Big Bash League is being played. In such a situation, cricket fans are getting a lot of excitement. There cannot be a better opportunity for cricket lovers to get excited than this. During this time, something happened in the Women’s Big Bash League, which surprised everyone. You might have seen many sixes before today, many sky-touching sixes, but you might not have seen such a six before today, which is hit with a broken bat.

Brisbane Heat’s Grace Harris hits a six off a broken bat during the Women’s Big Bash League match against Perth Scorchers at North Sydney Oval on Saturday. Everyone was surprised to see this. From the umpire to the bowler and the batsman, everyone started laughing after seeing this six. Harris was facing Piappa Cleary in the 14th over when she bowled a ball which took the ball across the boundary line. The impact of the shot was so powerful that it broke his bat in half. Despite having her bat damaged, Harris managed to score six runs, surprising her teammates and the crowd.

Harris scored the highest score of 136 runs. Harris scored 136 runs in just 59 balls in the match and played a vital role in his team scoring 229 runs on the board. His incredible feat of hitting a six on a broken bat will definitely be remembered as one of the most memorable moments in the history of the WBBL. With this innings, Brisbane Heat’s total is 229 runs. B. B. l. It was the second largest total in U.S. history.