We will win the World Cup because of IPL: England captain

England captain Jos Buttler has given a big reaction on the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023. He said, “Many of our players have a lot of experience of playing in India. The reason for this is that most of the players play in IPL and because of this they have got good experience of playing in the Indian fields. In such a situation, the England team can get a lot of benefit in the World Cup.

The first match of the tournament will be played between the top two teams. The first match of ICC World Cup 2019 will be played between England and New Zealand. New Zealand will try to avenge their defeat in the World Cup final. At the same time, the England team would also like to start with a win. There are many players from England who play in IPL. At least 7-8 players play in IPL and hence they know very well what the pitches are like in India.

IPL experience can be useful for many teams: Jos Buttler

According to Jos Buttler, IPL experience can be very useful for England in the World Cup. They said,

I think because of IPL, we know what the pitches are like at different grounds. You already know about the hotel you stay in and many other things. So we already know what to expect. Obviously, we are playing 50 over cricket, not 20 over cricket. There are many other teams who have a lot of IPL experience. Players from all over the world come here to participate in the IPL. So I think it’s an advantage for many teams.