For the first time in cricket such a player was out

Time Out Rule Cricket: A major incident took place on Monday, November 6, in the World Cup 2023 match between Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Before this, no batsman was given time-out in international cricket. But in this match, Sri Lanka’s experienced batsman Angelo Mathews was called for Time Out. There was a lot of discussion on this. Mathews also did not look happy and talked to the umpire and Shakib. However, commentators also explained the entire rule and believed that the rule depended on taking a stance at the crease. Now many speculations are being made regarding this rule. Let us now know what is the complete rule of Time Out?

What is the rule?
According to Clause 40.1.1 of the ICC Constitution, if a batsman’s wicket falls or a batsman retires, the full time-out rules for the World Cup 2023 are issued. In this situation the second batsman (who comes to the crease) has two minutes to come to the crease and play the first ball. At the same time, if the new batsman comes to the non-striking end, the other batsman has to play the next ball within two minutes. If this does not happen within the stipulated time, then only the new batsman coming on the field can be declared out in both the circumstances. This type of wicket is called Time Out.

ICC posted on the whole matter and said that in the case of Mathews, he took more than two minutes to play the first ball. After this appeal he was sent back to the pavilion. This was the first time in international cricket that a batsman was given time out in either the men’s or women’s competition.

What was the whole matter?
Now if we talk about what happened in this match, as soon as Angelo Mathews came to the crease after the wicket of Sadira Samarawickram, he had a helmet in his hand. After this the substitute player arrived with another helmet. The umpire did not look happy with this, he talked to the Sri Lankan batsman. Bangladesh captain Shakib Al Hasan has been called for Time Out. The umpire asked Shakib if he wanted to withdraw the appeal in the spirit of the game. Shakib had denied this. Umpires Richard Illingworth and Marais Erasmus gave him out. Mathews then explained to the umpire but he did not agree and dismissed him.