The name of ‘Sara Bhaabi’ is not leaving Shubman Gill. Wherever Gill goes, he is teased with this name. Shubman Gill, who is playing IPL these days, had to face similar slogans on Wednesday also. Even during the match against Rajasthan Royals in Jaipur, the spectators left no stone unturned in teasing him by shouting ‘How should our sister-in-law be, how should Sara be like Bhabhi’.

Shubman Gill did not respond

Many videos regarding Sara’s name are going viral. One of which is from the time when Gill was practicing. Some spectators created a lot of ruckus here by taking Sara’s name. After this, when he came to play the match, during the innings of Rajasthan Royals, he once again heard the noise of ‘How is our sister-in-law, how is our sister-in-law…’. However, Gill did not react to this.

What is the secret of the name Sara?

Actually, Shubman Gill’s name is linked to Sachin Tendulkar’s daughter Sara Tendulkar. Some people also associate his name with actress Sara Ali Khan. However, last year in Koffee with Karan, Sara Ali Khan had said that the world is following the wrong Sara. From this it was almost clear that his name was not related to Sara Ali Khan.

However, till now neither Shubhman Gill nor Sara Tendulkar has given any statement on this matter. Last year, when Sara Tendulkar’s deepfake pictures with Shubhman Gill went viral, she expressed her unhappiness by writing a post. After this both were seen together in an event.

It was also claimed that Shubhman Gill’s dog was with Sara Tendulkar. Although this matter is not completely clear yet, but whatever happens, Sara’s name is not going to leave Shubman Gill. This can be said only after seeing the reaction of the fans.