Shahid Afridi gave such statement on Kashmir

Shahid Afridi, The whole world knows that Kashmir is an integral part of India, but even today some people in Pakistan are not able to digest it. Perhaps they keep dreaming of Kashmir. These include former Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi. He has again remembered Kashmir. The Indian cricket team is currently on tour to Pakistan for the World Cup. He has played two of his matches so far and has been criticized for his fielding in both. When former Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi was asked about the team’s fielding in a TV interview, he was very rude. responded to,

“Both are very old issues

When Shahid Afridi was asked about the fielding of Pakistan cricket team, he said that the issue of Pakistan’s fielding and Kashmir is very old. Then they started laughing loudly. He said, “You have to be active in fielding. Unless you enjoy fielding, try to hide from it or think it will just be 50 overs. Till then you cannot be a good fielder. Afridi made this statement after Pakistani players dropped catches in their recent match and poor fielding allowed runs to be scored.

Pakistani cricket fans don’t understand

When Afridi was asked about this, he started chanting the name of Kashmir. People of India and the world know that no one can separate Kashmir from India, but the cricket fans of Pakistan could not understand this statement of Afridi. He did not know whether Afridi was praising the team or enjoying himself. Its video has also been shared on social media. Many people also reacted to this. Indian fans are telling Pakistani fans that Kashmir is in India but Afridi has made fun of your team.

cricket world cup

At the same time, some people are also writing that Afridi means that neither Kashmir will be his nor the fielding of the Pakistan team will be correct. Whatever happens at the moment, the Cricket World Cup is in the shadows. Let us tell you that the Pakistani team has performed well in its first two matches of the World Cup. They have won both their matches against Netherlands and Sri Lanka. Now they will face India on October 14 in Ahmedabad. There is a lot of discussion about this match.